I am posting these photos from May, of the nightly view from our caravan site in Scotland this year, mainly because I can’t remember when we last had a rain free night here at home in the Fens.  For the last few weeks, it has rain at some point during every night.  We had a beautiful Saturday until about 4pm, and then there was a storm that we had not seen the like of before.  So much rain fell, I suppose you could call it a flash flood, but here in the Fens the rain rans off into the drains quite quickly.  Today, Sunday, was lovely all day, very hot and sunny, but now it has just finished a long down pour and I’m sure more will follow.  This hot and rainy weather is playing havoc with the garden, the tubs and baskets are taking a battering each night and the grass, well its like a meadow now……we should have cut it this weekend, but a church flower festival on Saturday and a traction engine steam show today…. oh well maybe tomorrow night 🙂



10 Replies to “Rain, Rain & More Rain”

  1. Flower festival and steam show on the same weekend? Sometimes it’s good to get back to work so you can relax a little! Those are great photos, you really do have an eye for clouds. There were some tornados not that far from us, but we barely got a sprinkle! Too bad we can’t swap weather now and then. 🙂

    1. Thank you, and wow I would love to take photos of a tornado, but I know that they can be quite devastating. We have rain again tonight, haven’t had to water my potted plants for quite a few weeks now, or hanging baskets, but we can’t get outside to sit and enjoy them, never mind it could be worse, it could be a drought, which is a lot worse. We could both do with a bit of each 🙂

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