I took some quick shots at teatime of Toffee playing with his brothers, Nipper and Eddie, on husbands phone.  Toffee has come on very nicely, playing quite nicely, well nearly, always enjoys playing kill the bone, well they all do 🙂


Nipper, a little older. enjoys just watching, waiting until he can get it without too much of a fight.


Toffee and Eddie, playing kill the bone.  Nancy his big sister is out in the garden, patrolling it, like she does every night, just in case some poor person falls through the hedge and has to be given the kiss of life……which leads me on to the last photo, that I pinched from husbands FB…..all credit to the original photographer ……. I love it, seemed a shame not to share it.


June 2016

8 Replies to “Toffee & Brothers”

  1. Love it that Toffee is fitting in so good! The pit bull dog with the white face,sagging jaws and smiling such goodwill just stole my heart! 😄 Would you believe that around here they are still being illegally fought. Such a shame!!

    1. They are wonderful, they are illegal here in the uk, but my brother had one in the USA and apparently it was a very gentle dog, Its how they are looked after. Its a terrible thing dog fighting we have it here with some dogs and its so sad.

      1. I’m not sure why some of the larger dogs get such bad reputations,I’ve lived around dogs all my life .. Big and little.. All breeds can have a nasty pup pop up . I’ve breed Rotties, there’s not a sweeter,gentler,loyal dog when handled with love and proper training. Those little dogs can bite too.. Just not the whole leg!😄

      2. You are so right, little dogs can be very aggressive and sometimes I am thankful they are not the size of one of our old German Shepherds 🙂

  2. Good to see Toffee has fit into the family so well! He looks like a very happy fellow. The kissing booth photo is hilarious. Pit bulls are not bad dogs, it’s how they’re trained that matters. People make the difference. My first dog was a Chihuahua and that is one dog you don’t want to mess with! They’ll gnaw your foot off! 🙂

    1. The little black and tan dog with Toffee is a cross between a Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier, and is called a Chalkey and boy you are so right, small dog with a big attitude, he will growl for no reason whatsoever. He was a rescue dog and thrown over a wall when about about 5 months old, but we had two rescue Chihuahuas many years ago and knew what we were taking on, but he loves us to bits, especially me, so we just ignore him when he starts and he soon stops. He has started to play nicely with Toffee, so its good for both of them. I love that photo of the Pit Bulls and like you I think its how they are trained, its really like all dogs, never their fault, its the owners.

      1. It’s amazing how quickly a dog will change it’s behavior when you ignore it. 😉

      2. Oh yes, this one especially, he has a very obsessive nature with his toys and wants you to play all the time, more so then the rest of them….so when we have had enough of play we just totally blank him and with in a couple of minutes he stops and goes to sleep….bless him 🙂

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