Jet Skier Rocking the Waves

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I took these photos of the Jet Skier from the ferry coming back from the Isle of Mull to Oban on the west coast of Scotland, May 2016.  The intention was to capture a close up for my occupation category, unfortunately he was moving too fast for me to get a good clear close up.   But looking through the photos, I realised how beautiful the scenery he was jet skiing through was.  If I was a little braver…..ok a lot braver, I would love to have a go….on the back of course  🙂






6 Replies to “Jet Skier Rocking the Waves”

  1. They really aren’t all that scary to drive.. If you can drive a four wheeler,you can easily learn to do these. My mom learned to drive one herself when she was 68 years old.😄 Now there was no fancy turns or twist when she was on but she had fun. The scenery is beautiful!!

    1. Maybe, but he most likely lives there and like us all, and takes where he lives for granted. Ha ha my hips are fine, its my nerve, too close to the water, a ferry is fine, a skijet….mmmm I would have to give it a go to find out 🙂

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