A Highland Fling – Loch Fyne Food Festival, Scotland

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We spent a lovely morning at the Loch Fyne Food Festival on Loch Fyne, Scotland, May 2016.  We try to visit every year on our holidays, and this year we were very lucky with the weather.

We had music inside and outside the marquees.  I love Scottish folk music and could have listened all day to this group playing inside the marquee.


There were lots of lovely stalls to buy your lunch from and of course oysters and champagne, I did have a glass of my favourite champagne, but gave the oysters a miss.

We came across this look a like for Nancy, but this was a full Norfolk and not a cross like Nancy.  Nancy has much longer legs, far better for running on the beach with 🙂


6 Replies to “A Highland Fling – Loch Fyne Food Festival, Scotland”

  1. Now I’m hungry! It all looks wonderful. 🙂 I wish I could hear some of that music. Great people pictures. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, lots of lovely Scottish food, very tasty 🙂 The music was a mixture of folk and traditional all mixed up, it was really very good, it a shame they didn’t have a cd for sale. I got on lovely cd of a group on Jura, they were at the whisky festival……which I yet to post about 🙂

  2. Looks like fun! Are those muffins in the what I think is parchment paper? Those look good! Nancy is more cute than the pure breed.. Just saying.😄

    1. It was fun this year, last year was a bit muddy. We call it grease proof paper, which I think is the same as parchment paper:) Nancy says thank you, she likes being a cross, the best of both worlds, especially with longer legs 🙂

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