Standing Tomb Slabs – Isle Of Lismore, Scotland

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We visited the Island of Lismore off the west coast of Scotland, near Oban, while on holiday, May 2016.  The weather was overcast and a little cold, also we were meant to have about six hours on the Island, but our little car, that we tow behind our motor home had a puncture the day before.  We had already paid for the car to go on the ferry, so after having the tyre replaced in the morning, we still decided to go, we would still have three hours to explore.  I’m so glad we did, it rained, it was cold, but we found some treasures,  The first was the Medieval Funerary Monuments from Lismore Graveyard….in other words medieval grave slabs.


I took photos of the information boards, which were really helpful.  The grave slabs had been placed in their new home last year 2015, with help of a grant, which should help protect them for many years to come.  I have visited a lot of ancient burial sites and you see so many medieval grave slabs, just worn away to a smooth finish, when you know that they would have been highly decorated.









This is the lady that they are referring too, unfortunately she is somewhat worn away, as is the An Gorm Mor grave slab, this one does take a lot of imagination to see the giant. The little yellow orange picture shows you want it should look it.











9 Replies to “Standing Tomb Slabs – Isle Of Lismore, Scotland”

  1. Those are great, Lynne! Thanks for all the detail and information. It’s wonderful that they’re protecting these beautiful tomb slabs.

  2. How beautiful! Love these carvings, although I have no idea how they can make out that detail! Whereabouts are they, Lynne – looks like a fairly new shelter/display? Great pics.

    1. They are near the war memorial, just past the cathedral, they were only put there in 2015. They were a bit of a surprise as I had not read about them being there before we went over 🙂

    1. Yes some of the details would look good in some kind of boarder in paint or fabric……not that I could do it…..ha ha thats why I take photos 🙂

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