Views of Achadun Castle – Isle of Lismore, Scotland

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We had taken our little car that we tow behind our motorhome, over to the Isle of Lismore off the west coast of Scotland in May 2016.  Ferry prices have really dropped and it just means we can see more of the islands that we visit.  Also we only had three hours to explore, due to having to have a new tyre after a puncture the day before.  Plus the fact that I was still suffering with the after effects of a nasty bout of food poisoning that laid me up for the first few days of our holiday, and which curtailed any real exploring by foot for the first week of the holiday….. I was not too happy about that, but it happened and I had to make the best of it.  I was ok as long as I didn’t over do it, so I managed to explore the church, nothing was going to stop from doing that.  But long or even short hikes to the two castles on the Island were a no go.


We did drive down as far as you can to Achadun Castle.  We asked a local how far it was to the castle, he took one look at me and said too far for the lady…..I must have looked awful 🙂  So hence we only have distance views of the castle, but it does sit well in the landscape and you can see the outline of the site.


A little history for you…..Achadun Castle is a late 13th century stone square enclosure fortress, founded by the MacDougalls. On the western shore of Lismore, the castle sits conspicuous on a limestone ridge, overlooking Bernera Bay. From the 15th century, Achadun was held by the Bishops of Argyll until its abandonment in the 16th century, following Bishop David Hamilton construction of Saddell Castle. Little is known of its early history and the south and the east enclosure walls, plus most of the internal walls have collapsed.



12 Replies to “Views of Achadun Castle – Isle of Lismore, Scotland”

  1. Your camera got you a good look at it! You’ll have to do the closeup work another time. 🙂 The clouds really add to the beauty of the place, although I’m sure you’d rather have sun. 🙂

    1. Well it did start to get better…when it was time to catch the ferry back 🙂 The camera did a good job, at least we got to see this castle, we didn’t get to see the other one, so a return trip will have to be carried out 🙂

  2. Would love to visit this, Lynne! It must be down the south end. Agh, sounds like you were feeling pretty rough! You did well to go anywhere at all! 🙂

    1. Yes Jo, it was the south end, right at the bottom, its a bit of a trek, but on a nice day would be worth the effort. Yes… I was just a little bit poorly, any nearer home, we would have come home, but we had paid for all the island trips, so I had to make the effort and by the second week I could explore a little more. When we came back for Jura, I was back to normal and had a lovely time exploring, with the help of whisky of course 🙂

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