The Cathedral Church of Saint Moluag, Isle of Lismore, Scotland

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One of the main reasons for our visit to the Isle of Lismore, off the west coast of Scotland in May 2016, was this little whitewashed church, The Cathedral Church of Saint Moluag, known as Lismore Parish Church. Luckily there is a very good information board which gives some details and have I also added some extra details.  There will be a following post on the graveyard, unfortunately or fortunately, however way you look at it, at the moment, we are very busy at work, so this is a very visual post of the church 🙂

The Cathedral Church of Saint Moluag was built in the 14th century and attributed locally, by tradition, to ‘The Roman’ or ‘An Roimhanach’. Six stained glass windows, two modern by Mitton. Eight medieval carved slab-stones, said to be of the ‘Loch Awe’ school are now in a protective shelter. Traditional baptismal font is carved in a natural rock surface in the graveyard. Piscina and triple sedilia are a lovely feature, the floor now 0.6m higher than in mediaeval times.

















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May 2016

9 Replies to “The Cathedral Church of Saint Moluag, Isle of Lismore, Scotland”

  1. Thanks for posting, Lynne. Great that you were able to get inside! Those windows have some incredible color in them. Glad they left that old section of wall uncovered. Beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thanks Pat, I meet a local outside and he told me the church was open most of the time and said to go on in….which was very nice of him. It is a lovely little church and has a nice feeling, with the lovely glass and the old sections of the 14th century church still there for us to look at, as you say beautiful 🙂

  2. Beautiful old church!love the pretty individual cushions on the benches. Also interesting that the song books( guess that’s what they are) are on a shelf rather than a rack on back of the church bench.

    1. Yes some of the benches have a shelf instead of a rack for the hymn books. I like a church with cushions, those benches can be hard going 🙂

      1. You got that right about those old benches being hard going! I remember those days,squirming about hoping that the preacher would soon sit done. 😄

  3. What a great place, with an interesting history, and wonderful windows, especially the more recent ones. Lismore is the name of a heritage town (worth looking up via Google) here in County Waterford, but is also the name of a townland on the outskirts of Waterford city; Lismore = Lios Mór = Large or great rath or ring-fort.

  4. Beautiful, and some lovely shots of the church from different angles. I love the old features that have been preserved inside. Some lovely windows too!

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