Kilmichael Cross, Kilmartin Museum, Scotland

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One of the places that we wanted to visit on our May 2016 holiday to Scotland, was Kilmartin.  Kilmartin Village is best known as the centre of Kilmartin Glen, an area with one of the richest concentrations of prehistoric monuments and historical sites in Scotland. It contains over 350 monuments within a 6 mile radius.  There is a very good museum that will guide you through some of the sites that you will see in the surrounding countryside. We were visiting the museum, church and churchyard on this visit, and also to have lunch in the lovely restaurant on site, in their beautiful courtyard garden.

After lunch I paid for a trip around the museum, that was after I had dragged myself out the wonderful little museum shop, with so many beautiful books on Scotland.  I have lots, but there is always room for more, I bought the guide for Kilmartin and it has everything you need to explore the prehistoric monuments.  Entering the museum, which is in the old rectory, I very nearly passed a cross, I thought it was a copy, until I read the information board… was the real thing.  I have added a photo of the board for you to read, and then you realise how precious it is and how lucky we are, to be able to stand and look at it……..more crosses to follow.


DSC_0573 (1)


4 Replies to “Kilmichael Cross, Kilmartin Museum, Scotland”

  1. What an interesting history this cross has! It certainly does look as if it should have been a bit taller, from the photos on the sign. It doesn’t look like the iron bars did it much good, either. But as you say, we are lucky to still have it at all!

    1. What I found amazing they had used it for building materials, maybe just as well, as it might have been broken up more and used as a rockery 🙂

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