Burial Ground, Lismore Parish Church, Isle of Lismore, Scotland

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They call the Isle of Lismore, off the west coast of Scotland, the Garden Island, possibly Lismore meaning ‘great enclosure’ or ‘garden’ they are so totally right….. I have never seen so many primroses, they were glorious and that’s not counting the bluebells and wild garlic.

It was May 2016 and we had a quick tour of the Island, but its amazing what you can pack into three hours. We visited Lismore Parish Church, also known as ‘The Cathedral Church of Saint Moluag’ (which I have posted about the interior) and the burial ground was beautiful, even with overcast grey skies.

DSC_0849 (1)

After I had explored the interior of the church, I had a wander around the burial ground.  I found one old tomb slab that looked like angels dancing, the older tomb slabs were removed in 2015 and placed under a shelter, just a little way from the church.  This is an ancient burial ground and there are small amounts of stone walling that could have been there since the Middle Ages, when the original Cathedral was built, or possibly from the restoration, when it was fashioned into the parish church from a near ruin.













4 Replies to “Burial Ground, Lismore Parish Church, Isle of Lismore, Scotland”

  1. Thank you for your images. I believe the obelisk stone may be in memory of my great x 3 Granny, Janet McGregor. see http://www.lismoregaelicheritagecentre.org/captain-hugh-anderson-1837-1909-a-lismore-bard/ for the fuller story, but suffice to say, she was a single unmarried mother in a small community, and suffered the resultant prejudices during her lifetime. Her son erected the stone with a subtle message to the community engraved on the stone. Your page came up in my research prior to sailing to Lismore this summer. Your work is much appreciated, Roger.

    1. Thank you Roger, I love getting some extra information about my visits. If you haven’t been to Lismore before you will really enjoy it, not that big, but full of lovely interesting things 🙂 Lynne

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