Old & Renovated Homes, Isle of Lismore, Scotland

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Continuing with our trip to the Isle of Lismore, Scotland, May 2015.  I like to try and make a record of some of the dwellings, old & renovated, on each island we visit (most are taken from the car window….husband drives, so I can shot).  Its surprising how each island differs, there are crofter cottages on Lismore and in the 19th century lime was quarried, which mean we also find quarriers cottages, a lot have been renovated to holiday cottages.  Like all the islands, there are a great many direlict cottages, this could be due to the clearances or people have just left the island for work on the mainland and never returned.







At the heritage centre you can visit the below cottage that they have restored to its former glory…… it was a bit late in the day when we stopped to get a coffee, and the cottage door was closed, but maybe next time we visit.  I was lucky and found a cottage not to far away that had been restored to a holiday cottage, it looks very similar to the one at the heritage centre.



The next photo is of the cottage I found.


There are other types of buildings which I have also included.








May 2016


20 Replies to “Old & Renovated Homes, Isle of Lismore, Scotland”

    1. The clearances happened when the landowners removed the crofters who live on the land, to make way for sheep or cattle. They could make more money from sheep then renting land to the locals. It happened all over the UK, not just in Scotland, but it was worse in Scotland…… that was a very short version 🙂

  1. Lovely! I recognise some of these. I think Lismore would actually be a nice place to live. I’m pretty sure one of those cottages (the one with glazed lean-to) is a holiday let.

      1. Looks lovely! Wouldn’t mind staying there ourselves. In fact, Lismore is one of those islands I wouldn’t mind living on. 🙂

    1. Well they have very thick walls and some have a double thickness. We lived in a 400 year old cottage with 3 foot thick walls, even thicker in some places, it did keep the heat in winter and was lovely and cool in the summer. Although it did not get as cold as Scotland, it would have acted the same way. In fact I could do with 3 foot walls now, its so hot and close that I can’t sleep even with the fan on……. we English never stop moaning about the weather, hot or cold 🙂

      1. Oh I didn’t think of that – insulation. 🙂
        And yes, I see UK has Summer for a few days this week, even reaching 33C in London!

      2. Ha ha we had a lovely storm, hoping it would clear the air up, but now its even hotter. Never mind we will just have to sit in the shade and drink long soft cold drink 🙂 if only 🙂

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