Many times we have sailed passed this beacon, on our way out of Oban, Scotland, to a Scottish Island somewhere off the west coast and I have in the pass, wondered about why it was there and then promptly forgot about it……..until today.  I was looking for some info on Lismore Lighthouse, when I saw a photo similar to the photos I took of the beacon and a nice little tale to go with it.

Lady Rock, the tiny reef between the Lismore lighthouse and the Mull shore, was the scene of a famous attempted murder by one of the chiefs of Clan Maclean, who inhabited Duart Castle on the promontory opposite. He bound up and left his wife to drown on rocks that he knew would be flooded by the incoming tide.  However, unbeknown to Maclean, she was rescued by passing fishermen and taken to her father, a great nobleman. When Maclean went to his father-in-law’s castle to tell him the sad news, she was presented to him alive and well.  Shortly afterwards Maclean himself suffered a violent death.


May 2016

5 Replies to “Lady Rock – Scotland”

  1. Wow! That’s quite a story. They certainly were a violent lot back in the day. I would have liked to have seen Maclean’s face when his wife walked into the room. 🙂

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