Tirefour, Castle Or Broch, Isle of Lismore, Scotland

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One thing I found when we visited the Isle of Lismore, off the west coast of Scotland, back in May 2016, you are really visiting a living museum, there is so much history, on such a small island, it is almost unbelievable.  We were only there for three hours, but we saw so much, you just trip over history with nearly every step.

While we were waiting for the ferry to take us back to Oban, I noticed the remains of Tirefour Castle or Broch, it is also known by other names, but Broch means a prehistoric stone circular tower in Scotland and this Broch is the most significant Iron Age site on the island visible for miles.  We had seen a sign post for the site while we had been driving, but time was short, though when I saw the ruins, I so wished we had made the detour, maybe next year.


5 Replies to “Tirefour, Castle Or Broch, Isle of Lismore, Scotland”

  1. You most certainly must go back. The more you talk about this place, the more obvious it becomes that it needs a lot more than three hours. 🙂

  2. We tried to get there too, Lynne – bit of a boggy walk, and we had the ferry to catch too (at the other end) so called it a day. One of the best preserved in that part of Scotland, I would say.

    1. Oh I was hoping you had got there, it quite big, in fact its very big and yes I think you are right, its one of the best one and the biggest I should think 🙂

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