Castle Stalker In May – Scotland

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The yellow of the gorse was quite spectacular in Scotland this year, 2016 and in May was at its best.  Luckily this bush has the extra bonus of having one of my favourite castles in the background, Castle Stalker at Appin, a few miles from Oban on the west coast of Scotland


Just a little history…….In the early 14th century, the MacDougall clan built a small fort where Castle Stalker now stands. After a battle the MacDougalls lost the castle to the Stewarts, who built the early stages of the castle that you see now. In 1620 the castle was lost to the Campbells following a drunken brawl when the Stewart Chief, Duncan exchanged it for an eight-oared galleon, the Campbells claimed their prize in the morning. The castle was left derelict in the 1800’s until its restoration in 1960’s by Lt Col Stewart Allward and his family.


May 2016

2 Replies to “Castle Stalker In May – Scotland”

  1. Lovely pics, Lynne. I agree – such a fabulous setting, nothing could be more romantic! Beautifully complemented by the gorse in the first pic.

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