Sailing to the Isle of Tiree – Scotland

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It took us about four hours to sail from Oban on the west coast of Scotland to the beautiful Island of Tiree.  The ferry sailed about 7.00 am and we had to be there for about 6.oo am, as we were taking our little car with us.  I just wanted to make sure that we would get to see a lot more of the Island than just by walking.  We did see nearly all of the Island and this will be covered by other posts, but this post is just on leaving Oban and arriving at Tiree… was just like a little mini cruise.  The ferry stops at Coll, which we visited 2 years ago and then when it left us at Tiree, it was travelling on to Barra, which we have also visited and worked our way up the Outer Hebrides.  We also pass the two castle on Coll, which I have posted about, it was strange to see them from the sea, they looked quite different.  Also the Hebridean Princess was moored at Coll and then followed us to Tiree, a wonderful way to travel, but just a little too expensive for us, but it was lovely to take photos of her.  So this is really just a visual sea trip, that we really enjoyed 🙂




We were waiting to board the ferry, it was one of those beautiful early sunny mornings.




Leaving Oban, the water was so calm.


Isle of Coll



The Hebridean Princess at Coll.



The two castles on Coll.



May 2016

18 Replies to “Sailing to the Isle of Tiree – Scotland”

    1. On the west coast in May, it’s normally 90% rain free and nearly midge free, as we only go in May, I can’t vouch for the rest of the year. But I bet is cold and windy in the Winter 🙂

      1. They were on Jura at the end of May, not sure how they live with them, horrible things, well I did see a lot of people with masks on 🙂

    1. It was a beautiful Jo, yes the islands are a hard act to follow, when the weather is at its best 🙂 We have just come back from a short holiday on the Lincolnshire coast, very beautiful and stunning weather, but not Scotland 🙂

  1. A lovely series of photos. I especially like the ones of leaving Oban with the wonderful calm sea.

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