The Pudding Houses of Tiree – Scotland


One of the first thing that attracts your attention on the Isle of Tiree, off the west coast of Scotland, apart from the fabulous white beaches, are the ‘Pudding Houses’, these are a unique form of architecture which are indigenous to Tiree.  Pudding houses, also known as Spotted Houses, are characterized by the use of a dark building stone blackened by soot, which is then over pointed with white mortar, resulting in a spotted appearance. You will not see them elsewhere in Scotland.

Lots have been restored as holiday lets and if you look at some of the abandoned houses and then a restored one, you can see a before and after effect on the stonework.  I’m not sure how this effect came into being, but it is very effective and lovely to see that some are still maintained with this appearance.

Another type of traditional croft is the ‘blackhouse’ also called the ‘whitehouse’ which I have come across before, but they are for the next post.
















The photos were taken from the car window on our visit in May 2016.


  1. These are delightful! Someone was really creative to have come up with this idea. Your car window photography is getting quite good. 🙂

    1. Thank you, lots of practice on that visit, due to the fact is was so windy, warm, but windy, you could hardly stand up some of the time 🙂 I love them, I was so happy to find them, to add to my collection of houses 🙂

    1. I have been trying to find out, but I not come across anything yet, mind you, I’m not that good at finding things out on the internet 🙂 I think I have read somewhere that you can get a grant if you intend to live in one, but not as holiday lets, which is quite right. There were some being restored, which I have photos to post……somewhen 🙂

      1. I think so, there is a big food shop…. but it is very windy, Lismore’s the best or Mull. We did speak to lots of locals, who love living there, but if I was many years younger….. it would be North Uist, mainly because you can travel the length of the islands and not feel so cut off.

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