Blackhouses of Tiree – Scotland

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The other buildings on the Isle of Tiree, off the west coast of Scotland, are ‘blackhouse’ or ‘whitehouse’ cottages, these can be found on most of the Scottish islands. They do differ slightly on each island, but basically are the same.  On Tiree, two thick walls are filled in between with sand, which is different to other islands.  There are a dozen thatched cottages left on the island, as well as many that have been restored, but without their thatch, there will be a separate post on those.  I did find some that were for sale which are in need of restoration, but with some remnants of thatch, so have added them to this post.  The ‘blackhouse’ were to house men and beast, with no opening for the fire, therefore the name blackhouse.  Later the animals moved and chimneys were installed, hence the name whitehouse.  These photos were taken in May 2016.

9 Replies to “Blackhouses of Tiree – Scotland”

    1. Thank you Deb, I like the red doors too. I just hope that someone buys the ruined one and restores it with a new thatch roof, but as it is very expensive I doubt if they will…… I will just have to win the lottery ha ha 🙂

  1. There is a very prehistoric look to these houses, for I don’t suppose the design — give or take the odd chimney — or the function have changed much over two or three millennia. Their rounded roofs also remind me of upturned boats, perhaps part of their original inspiration. Lovely photos, Lynne.

    1. Thank you, yes they look like upturned boats and maybe thats what housed the men that first came to these shores. I just found them so interesting, each island have their own version of blackhouses, although I think Tiree has the most, lots have been restored, not many really abandoned ones, more to follow on them 🙂

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