Grianal/Greenhill Beach, Isle of Tiree, Scotland

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One of the many things that I liked about the Isle of Tiree, off the west coast of Scotland, were the notice boards, every beach we stopped at had one, and told you details about the area.  Truly if you wanted a beach holiday away from the masses, this is the Island you should head for.




We parked our little car on the machair, the sand dunes that are covered with flowers and grasses.  Walking with care, as not to disturb any nesting birds, we took Nancy for a walk, there was something that I wanted to see, if I could, way out at sea, but that is for the next post 🙂





May 2016

11 Replies to “Grianal/Greenhill Beach, Isle of Tiree, Scotland”

  1. Beautiful! I’d love to be walking there. Not too sure I’d want to be beach combing in the winter. Have to bundle up real good. 🙂

    1. Yes I think you would have to bundle up, it was very windy the day we visited the island, although a hot wind, in the winter it would be an equally cold, or a freezing wind. They call the island ‘The land below the waves’ and not for out a reason, that wind just blows straight across and there are no trees to stop it. A beautiful place on a summers day, but what it is like in winter and the car ferry takes four hours and that sea can get very rough, no I think thats not going to be my forever home 🙂

    1. Ha ha its funny you have said that, I missed the old ship wreck, but it would be interesting to see, after a storm what you would find on these beautiful beaches 🙂

    1. No Jo, it was shortly after I had been ill, it took me all my time to walk to the beach, I just sat and took photos, I would have loved to have be able to explore, but least I had been well enough to make the trip, 2 days earlier and I wouldn’t have made it. You will have to put it on your wish list, its quite an experience, a whole different way of life, much different than the closer Islands. Tiree and Coll are on their own, even more so then the Outer Hebrides, at least they are a chain of islands.

      1. Ah, well I’m glad you made it in that case! Yes, I would love to go to either or both of them. Would be perfect right now, with the sunset and the moon rising, if I could just teleport myself! 🙂

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