Rinns of Islay Lighthouse 1825, Orsay, Inner Hebrides

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I have added yet another category to my blog, Stevenson Lighthouses in Scotland.  I found out when researching for Skerryvore Lighthouse that there are a great many Stevenson built lighthouses in Scotland and so far the ones that I have photographed, have been in the most beautiful locations.  So apart from all the other things I want to explore and photograph, I now want to see how many I can capture.  As I live in England and not Scotland, this could be a long affair, but fun, just adds somewhere else to visit, although, I do not have to physically visit the lighthouse, taking a photo from afar is ok.

We were lucky enough to have a second holiday in Scotland this year, when we stayed on Jura and Isley, two beautiful islands off the west coast and I realised that I had taken some photos of a couple of Stevenson Lighthouses.  This post is of the elegant Rinns of Islay Lighthouse, which is on the Isle of Orsay that you can see at the end of the road in Port Wemyss on Islay, separated by a stretch of narrow water.  Built by Robert Stevenson in 1825.  The light was alternately stationary and revolving, producing a bright ‘flash’ of light every 12 seconds, this was a new way to distinguish one light from another, without those intervals of darkness which characterise other lights on the coast. DSC_0639






May 2016

11 Replies to “Rinns of Islay Lighthouse 1825, Orsay, Inner Hebrides”

    1. Its a lovely big lighthouse and I would have loved to have visited the little Island its on. The lovely cottages are on Islay and the poor old lighthouse is all alone on Orsay, I should have pointed that out, but yes I am sure everyone knows each other in the village 🙂

    1. Its amazing how much the lighthouse dominates the sky, you can get a ride to the island, but we didn’t have time. I think there is an old chapel on there, maybe next time 🙂

    1. The lighthouse is on a separate island, we were on Islay and looking across to Orsay, there is a body of water separating them. I haven’t made it very clear as some else thought the same, shame on me 🙂

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