Loch Indaal Lighthouse 1869, Isle of Islay, Scotland

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Following up with Stevenson Lighthouses in Scotland, I found photos of another three lighthouses.  This post is about Loch Indaal Lighthouse built in 1869 by David and Thomas Stevenson.  Also called Rubh an Duin Light, it is situated near to Port Charlotte on the southeast side of the Rinns of Islay peninsula.  You can see the Paps of Jura in the background of a couple of the photos.  The Light Keepers House, is holiday accommodation at the moment, and you can visit the grounds of the tower, but the door is locked.  Photos were taken from the car window as we drove past in May 2016.






15 Replies to “Loch Indaal Lighthouse 1869, Isle of Islay, Scotland”

  1. A very well kept lighthouse. Interesting that they have different colors of glass. Can’t say I’ve noticed that before.

  2. Great photos. This lighthouse looks in pristine condition, but many are very dilapidated. I saw one at Talacre a few weeks ago. It looks very run down compared to yours.

    1. Thank you, I think that all these Stevenson lighthouses are own and run by ‘The Northern Lighthouse Board’ who seem to look after their lighthouse and in doing so make them lovely objects to photograph 🙂 Its a shame that they all can’t be maintained, but I suppose it costs money.

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