Flowers of Luss Church, Luss, Loch Lomond, Scotland


This year we had a chance to stop at Luss on the shores of Loch Lomond Scotland in May 2016.  I wanted to revisit the church where I remember I had seen something quite interesting many years ago.  I made a dash for the church to take some photos, as I had seen two coaches pulling in to the carpark, unfortunately Luss has become a big tourist attraction, with its stone cottages, views and trips on the Loch.  I had just finished in the church and found what I was looking for in the churchyard, before the tourists found me.  These beautiful stained glass flowers are from a couple of windows in the porch, but it was far to dark to get decent pictures of the full windows.

The next post is the discovery in the graveyard 🙂








    1. I have to honest, no the porch is not all that nice, the windows are small and its very dark, but the stain glass is lovely. The building is Victorian built in 1887, so not really that old, but I will do a post on it, as there are some more nice windows inside 🙂

  1. Nice pics! The stained glass is lovely. If you’ve never been you should check out the stained glass in Paisley Abbey – some is historic and some modern, all very stunning.

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