McArthur’s Head Lighthouse 1861, Isle of Islay

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I nearly missed this Stevenson Lighthouse, we were having our dinner on the ferry sailing to Islay off the west coast of Scotland, when I suddenly realised that we had passed a lighthouse.   I rushed outside but I had missed the chance for a close up shot, but this post is to remind me next year to take it again.   McArthur’s Head Lighthouse built by David and Thomas Stevenson in 1861, is in a remote position and difficult to visit, so a shot from the ferry is the best way to see it.

DSC_0895 (1)

May 2016

5 Replies to “McArthur’s Head Lighthouse 1861, Isle of Islay”

    1. Thank you, yes Jo, its a long hike across some not very nice terrain to get to the lighthouse, so seeing it from the sea is a lot easier, unless you miss it. You would have thought I would have caught it going back on the ferry, but I was looking for the remains of a castle on Jura….need eyes in the back of my head 🙂

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