The Finished Roof – Isle of Tiree, Scotland

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While on the Isle of Tiree, off the west coast of Scotland, I took many photos of the different dwellings on the island.  These are the roofs on the ‘blackhouses’ that have been restored with felt and then sealed, they would have been thatched when first built.  In yesterdays post, I showed you some that were in the process of being renovated, but these cottages have been finished for a while.  To me they look like the hulls of upturned boats, maybe thats what the ‘blackhouses’ were based on many years ago.  As the Island is four hours sailing to the nearest port of Oban, I should think it is cheaper and quicker to re-roof with felt, then buying slates and I should think re-thatching would be an astromical price.  I must admit that I have not seen this process of roofing any of the other Islands, there could be, but not that I have noticed and first, it looked a little strange.  But now I can see that it makes quite a lot of sense, especially with the high winds that encroach on the island, the roofs are tightly seal against the weather, well thats my thoughts on the subject……most probably totally incorrect…..but it does make sense 🙂










2 Replies to “The Finished Roof – Isle of Tiree, Scotland”

  1. I found these roof interesting.. I must admit I had never heard of felt for a roof ,had to do a google search. Then laughed when I discovered it was what I would call tar paper. I agree that it is probably the easiest and most practical .

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