I can remember, as a child, when travellers used to knock on our front door and sell my mother little bits of heather wrapped around with silver foil, calling it lucky heather.  My mother always bought it, saying it would be unlucky if she didn’t, I could never fathom that one out. But anyway, look what I found in Wales at the weekend, lucky heather, not a lot of it, but in the pouring rain it made a lovely splash of colour.  We were having a drive around the hills near Tregaron in Ceredigion (western mid Wales), not really much else you can do when the rain is horizontal 🙂

September 2016

14 Replies to “Lucky Welsh Heather”

    1. Ha ha it was moving too fast for the naked eye….. I should think in a few days the whole hillsides will be covered, the colours of the heather were lovely 🙂

  1. Here if you find a four leaf clover you are lucky. I did a google on the pretty heather. The myths and stories that go with the heather are great to read. I like the Oscar and Malvinas story of the white heather. Does it have a nice smell?

    1. I will have to google as well and read about Oscar & Malvinas 🙂 This sounds awful, but I have no idea if heather has a smell, I guess it does, but I have never noticed…. I suffer from ‘hay fever’ right through the whole of the summer, like a medium cold most of the time and I can really only smell the strongest of smells, I can smell the bluebells in spring, but then its really smelless until Autumn 🙂

      1. Sorry to hear you suffer from hay fever, I only have tree pollen allergies in the spring that is uncomfortable enough,especially if I lose my voice.:(

      2. Thank you, we have had lots of rain, so I am able to start to smell things again. I have never lost my voice, that must be really annoying, my husband would love that ha ha 🙂

  2. Lovely photos. I love it when the Welsh hills and mountains are a mass of purple heather. Good capture.

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