Our trip to Wales last weekend was hampered by rain 90% of the time, at times like this, you have to make the best of what you have been dealt with.  So it was off to the beaches to try my hand at some seascapes and having some fun when sorting them.  This is one of the beaches, Llangrannog, and I have added some details about the beach.

Boasting superb coastal scenery coupled with two sandy beaches; the main one and the adjoining Cilborth Beach in a hidden cove. Llangrannog has always been popular with locals and visitors alike. Once you have traversed the lanes of the steep sided valley of the River Hawen access is good . There is a seafront car park and in the summer months there is additional parking 5 minutes walk from the main beach. The bay is safe with attention to the care needed with any seaside activity
Dogs are allowed on part of the beach from May through September but the rest of the family can have a really enjoyable day out at Llangrannog where there is a well-stocked beach shop and café. More information.

From the Visit Cardigan web page.

September 2015

15 Replies to “Rough Sea, Llangrannog, Wales”

  1. Stunning photos, Lynne! I like the one with the figure standing on top of the cliff. I could almost believe that’s some medieval watchman keeping an on the seas.

      1. Thats the one :), but we could’nt get a close up of him, as he is on a hairpin bend going up the hill and someone was standing in the little parking bay and wouldn’t move, so will I try again next year 🙂

  2. Llangrannog is also popular with Welsh school parties on outdoor activity courses. Curiously, we looked at houses here when hunting for a place to buy a dozen years ago, but they felt more like holiday homes.

    The beach is sweet though!

    1. Yes it does have that holiday home feeling, they never really look lived in, but the beach is nice, but the parking is now way too high, if you just want to stay for a short time, ok if all day.

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