Shoes Off, Feet Up


We are back from our travels in Germany and Switzerland, and what a mixture of weather.  France, Germany and Austria, hot and similar to what we had left at home……. but Switzerland, first afternoon sun, the only sunshine we would really have and then rain and more rain.  I think the weather was very similar to what was going on at home lots of rain.  But we did have a lovely time regardless of the weather and I took way too many photos, lots of street photography, mainly because most of my landscape photos are really cloud photos.

The reason for this photo taken in Landsberg, Bavaria, I was aiming for the tower behind the fountain, when I noticed the figure on the seat and, well she summed up the weather in one shot…. hot, hot and hot, but only for a day and a half 🙂


September 2016 & more to follow.


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