A Lassie Dog, although really a Rough Collie, I prefer Lassie.  We had one many, many years ago named Ben, who won a few dog shows, but they are really high maintenance.  To keep this dogs lovely coat, takes many hours of  grooming.  Ben actually liked to have his coat hovered with a small brush, this made life a lot easier.  I might try this on Toffee as he is starting to moult again, but somehow a highly strung Pom is not going to take too kindly to being hovered 🙂

This beautifully groomed dog was in Landsberg and I took a quick photo of him, while eating my wonderful ice cream.

14 Replies to “Lassie Dog”

    1. Yep, I have not approached that area yet, as it has been ok, but the time is drawing nigh. I will have to start with small amounts with the brush and see how he reacts, he has a full coat of fluffy hair now, we were a bit worried that when his old owner had him cut, it would come back all misshapen, but his ok, as the girl knew what she was doing, thank goodness. Fun times ahead 🙂

  1. Collies are so beautiful when groomed well,our little Shih tzu needs some brushing on her ears and tail,the rest is kept short. That’s enough brushing for me.

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