A Visit to Our Lady of the Assumption, Landsberg on Lech, Bavaria, Germany

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Our Lady of the Assumption, Landsberg on Lech, Bavaria in Southern Germany, one of my favourite churches.  It is so totally different to churches that are in the surrounding countryside of where I live in the Fens on the Norfolk and Cambridgeshire border in England.  But, this is what they would have looked like if our beautiful churches had been left in peace and not pulled to bits by Henry 8th and Oliver Cromwell.  This is a Catholic parish church, but most of ours were when they were built, painted walls and highly coloured.  Of course this beautiful church has been restored since it was built in 1219, adding to over the years, the Romanesque church was followed by a larger Gothic church.  What I like is the Baroque ornamental plasterwork and then there are Rococo alters and plasterwork which were added after 1748.  There are wonderful sculptures and stained glass windows, but it is the great feeling of calm that floods through you when you enter the building, it seems to wash over you, the building itself, not what is it.  The sheer light that steams in though the windows and the peace, even if it is full of people, there is such quietness.  This is really a post of how I feel about this church and how I see it through the lens of a camera.  Hope you enjoy the visit of 2016 as much as I did .


The Church is situated more or less the centre of the old town, and it a little difficult to take complete photos as there are buildings close by.


Some of the beautiful stained glass windows to be found inside the Church.





The Baroque High Alter 1679 – 81





21 Replies to “A Visit to Our Lady of the Assumption, Landsberg on Lech, Bavaria, Germany”

  1. An amazing building. Some of the contents are quite stunning.

    The two ‘gentlemen’ mentioned had many of the Irish churches destroyed or severley damaged too, especially the monasteries.

    1. Yes those two have a lot to answer for, as you say especially the beautiful monasteries which now are wonderful ruins, but I would have loved to have seen them as they once were 🙂 And yes it is a most amazing building 🙂

  2. When you look at the outside ,who would think that of the wonderful art work inside! I can’t comprehend how someone could destroy beautiful buildings, but it is an age old problem during war. Thanks for the fantastic tour through this church.

  3. Lynne, you could do a dozen posts on this church and you’d still be leaving things out. I can see how light it is, but I’ll have to imagine the stillness. And the organ. I wonder what that sounds like! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, it was a lovely post do, I have been visiting for the last 6 years, but it seem to be very personal to me, but this time I thought no, I should share it.
      I have been in another church with a similar organ at harvest festival time in Germany and it sounded beautiful, all deep and rich.
      I could spend weeks taking photos and still miss things, you can always find something you have missed. Yes the stillness is very hard to take a photo of, but as soon as i walk in, I smile and it makes me feel good and at peace with myself……but only until I have to return to the outside world and all its problems…… But glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  4. What a stunning and beautiful Church, the stained glass windows and superb and what a joy it would be to visit and walk round it. The photography show the colours in all their glory, well done Lynne, this was an enjoyable post.


    1. Thank you John, it means a lot when people enjoy my church visits. It is a wonderful church, when I first visited about 6 years I thought it was just a tad over the top, just not use to churches being so ornate. But now I love it, although it is very ornate, its like a piece of art and each part of the piece is so perfect 🙂

  5. What a stunning interior, and you have captured the very spirit and essence of the place. Your photos are outstanding and your narrative interesting and informative. An excellent post. Thank you for taking that extra time with it. IT certainly paid off.

    1. Thank you Isabella, it was a joy to take the photos. We have spent today in Munich taking photos all the churches I could find, such beautiful churches, spolit for choice 🙂

      1. There’s always something special about churches. I love them too. They all have their own unique history, most have wonderful stained-glass, and the individual interiors never cease to amaze me. Cant wait to see the photos. The one today was awesome.

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