I did wonder where all the lovely dresses came from, for dressing up for the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and when we went for our walkabout around the city, I found one of the sources.   There are special shops, just full of the wonderful costumes.  We did buy something each, my husband a blue and white checked shirt with a lovely dark blue waistcoat. I would have loved to have bought a dress, but I feel you should leave the lovely dresses for the Germans, well thats my story.  So I bought a woollen jacket and waistcoat that I can wear with jeans, and a small vintage brown leather handbag, as you are not allow to take large bags or rucksacks into the festival anymore. But being English, the part I liked best, everything was in the ‘Sale’ 🙂

Munich 2016

8 Replies to “Oktoberfest Shopping”

    1. Maybe if I really went on a very strict diet, I might get into one, not one of these pretty ones, but a more sedate one for next year ha ha 🙂 By the way I haven’t forgot the hat, its coming 🙂

    1. Yes its a lot of fun and when I first started going, not so many people wore their costumes, but now most people do and of course foreigners now partake. I do love to photograph them dressed up 🙂 Its not all about drinking beer now, thank goodness.

  1. it is fun to shop a good “sale”. 🙂 neat to see other country’s stores. I enjoyed seeing the dresses but it would take me way too long to try to fit into one.;)

    1. Yes I do love a good sale 🙂 I think I lack the confidence to wear one of the dresses, not being use to something so fitted, would need to loose a few more pounds in weight 🙂

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