Well we are back, and what a trip, totally shattered, can not believe how tiring travelling by train can be.  Its a great way to see some of Europe, but I’m not sure we would do it again in such a short time frame.  I have hundreds of photos to sort out of the trip, Venice is so photogenic, but I did try hard to take some different photos, as well as the classic type of the Grand Canal and St Mark’s Square.  Our first full day in Venice was a wonderful warm blue sky day, and our day trip to Florence, well you can only say the weather was grey…..but not wet, but in the evening, the rain started and did not stop until the following evening.  The rain, with the exceptional high tide, meant one thing flooding, you see it on the telly, but to actually walk on the wood planks that they put out, is a little bit scary, as there are hundreds of other people wanting to do the same thing.  It was interesting to see St Marks Square under water, they are trying to build something like the Thames Barrier, but they have for the last umpteen years, but with everything, its time and money.  We visited some of the islands, unfortunately not as many churches as I would have liked, mainly because you could not take photos and you have to pay to visit most of them.  I did get a couple in Venice, only because I didn’t see the forbidden sign and no one stopped me, one allowed photos with out a flash and one I just took some photos through the door.  Florence was a little better, only a little, but such a busy city, even at this time of year.  I took lots of street photos, with plenty of ones for my occupation category, so now I just have to get on and post them all.


The above photo’s were taken behind the train station, walking towards the Jewish quarter.  We were having an early morning exploration at about 7am, while waiting for the train for the trip to Florence, before the tourist were about….. it was lovely.  A photo of me, just to prove I was there 🙂

23 Replies to “Early Morning Venice, Italy”

    1. Thank you Pat, unfortunately it was straight back to work, but thats life 🙂 It was a wonderful trip really, felt we were away for weeks instead of 7 days. Lots of lovely photos of Venice to come, it will be like visiting all over again 🙂

  1. Great photos Lynne, can’t wait to see some of the photos. Sounds like you had a good time, albeit a tiring time too. I know how you feel, as a teenager, I went on a school ski trip from Penzance to Austria by coach – it was a week long holiday, but it took us 36 hours to get there, and 36 hours back, I don’t remember much about the skiing, just being stuck in a coach for 3 whole days!! LOL!

    1. Thank you, oh dear I had an experience like that with a school trip to Switzerland for skiing, seem to be on the bus for hours and then the boat trip back was the worst that they had had for 30 years and I believe you me, that was before stabilisers, it certainly was rough. But yes we had a great time 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos 🙂 And that is the sign of an excellent holiday – when you feel you’ve been away for ages. 🙂
    Also good to see you in the last photo – not that I needed proof that you were there! 🙂

    1. Thank you, I think you are right, it was most weird, it did feel like weeks but was only one 🙂
      I think there is only 3 photos of me, I have to make my husband take them for me, not that I really like them being taken, but now and again in a special place its nice to have one 🙂

    1. Thank you, yes we had a boat and guide to ourselves and she took us to Torcello, Burano and Murano. We were going to the ones closer to Venice (and possibly the cemetery island), that you can see, we caught the ferry to them, but we stayed on the boat, as we were going to do them the next day, but it rained and with floods everywhere, so not good for exploring by water 🙂 Still we saw plenty and had a wonderful time:)

    1. It always gives my a buzz when you first see the Grand Canal, trouble is, that it is such a big tourist attraction, that it almost feels like a theme park. So the best way to see it, is as soon as it is light, which is what we did and then you get to see the real Venice and its people going about their work. And yes I took way too many photos, but its fun sorting them 🙂

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