First Views Of Venice, Italy – Part One

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We travelled to Venice by train, well six different trains from leaving home and one stop over in Munich, Germany, so quite a journey.  The above photo is coming into Venice, where there had been a wonderful sunset, which I just caught the tail end of.  We arrived at the station and then made our way to our hotel by water bus, which was great for taking photos, as you can sit outside at the back.  That kept me happy for the next hour, yes an hour on the water bus, because being a bus, it stops every few minutes.  The following photos are from our arrival to half way along the Grand Canal before the night really drew in, the other half will hopefully be posted next.  I always take far to many photos, but with so many beautiful views, how can you not go photo crazy  🙂

The view as soon as you step out of the Station makes you smile, it is breathtaking, I had forgotten how much so and how beautiful it is.  It was good arriving later in the evening, as the crowds had thinned down and the water taxis were fewer and it all becomes a little calmer.














11 Replies to “First Views Of Venice, Italy – Part One”

  1. I so enjoyed your photo madness!!! Beautiful place. Would you believe it if I told you I never rode a train other than a tourist train ,that was an old steamer restored to take people rides for just a short distance.

    1. Thank you, so glad you enjoyed them. I think we went on about 12 different trains in all, but it is very tiring for some reason. I love going on steam trains, so I expect that was a lovely trip even if it was short. I think I would love to travel across the States on trains, but not sure that will ever happen 🙂

    1. Ha ha it can look very menacing when you are walking down endless alleys at night. But we never felt threaten there, the only place we felt anything like that was on the French Metro, didn’t like that at all.

      1. I think I would love Venice, I like the Scottish ‘Closes’, so the endless alleys sounds fantastic, especially if you felt totally safe 🙂 I’m surprised you found the French Metro unnerving, not that I’ve ever travelled on it.

      2. Well its not the metro its self, its the amount of people, I thought the London underground was busy, but the Metro was twice as busy.

      3. Ohhhh…………I understand, my wife went on the London Underground for the first time this summer, she hated it for that reason, so she would never cope with the Metro! I must admit, I don’t like it either when it gets stupidly busy!

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