Ruins On the Lagoon – Venice, Italy

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After visiting Murano and its wonderful glass, we were off to visit the island of Torcello.  We were now travelling in a flat bottom boat, and could go closer to the pasting islands, more so than the water buses and taxis.  I was absolutely amazed at the islands we were passing, that they were once inhabited.  The above island had been home to a Monastery in times past, to me it looked as if someone was still using it to grow food, the island walls look well maintained.  I would have loved to have had a mooch around, to see what was left.  But on we went.



We left the island behind us and then came to quite a surreal sight.  I am used to seeing all types of ruins, I go looking for them, so I was so interested in these ruins, if only one could explore them.  I should think it would be highly dangerous to do so, so a close up shot had to suffice.


We were told it had been one island and again it is the remains of a monastery.  It was quite eerie with the ruins and the water surrounding both the remains.  I did wondered how big the island would have been and I suppose similar to the first island we had passed.


The photos are in mono as the islands were in the shade, and this way you can see the ruins in more details.  We then continued on to Torcello to visit its amazing Cathedral…….. more to follow 🙂




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