We had left behind the Island of Murano and its glass making, for the Island of Torcello, to visit the wonderful Cathedral and to see where the first Venetian’s had lived.  For me, the journey to a destination is just as important as the arrival…..which sometimes can be a disappointment, but the journey never.  These are just some of the sights you would see on the way, you pass very close to Burano, the last island that we will visit, to reach Torcello and then the walk to the Cathedral.


You can just make out the snow covered mountains in the distance in this photo.


We have now arrived in Torcello and you can just see the Cathedral in the background.  You do feel you have left the crowds of Venice a long way behind you, I suppose it had taken over an hour to reach the island, but well worth it, for the peace and calm.  The next post will be on the Cathedral and a little history of the island.



October 2016


6 Replies to “Journey to Torcello, Venice, Italy”

  1. Great photos, Lynne! I love seeing all the different buildings. The different styles and colors are so interesting. And the owls. You do like owls, don’t you. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, I love looking at the different building and colour, so I am glad you have enjoyed them too. And yes….. I love owls and also hares, not sure what those owls were for, but would have looked great in my garden 🙂

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