The sun was shining and the gentle wind was warm, a perfect day for drying washing.  If you come away from the crowds, wander down alleys and through paved squares, you will find everyday Venice.  How do Venetians dry their washing, they have no gardens, just a few maybe, so they hang it out across the alleys, canals and squares to billow in the breeze.  I love to see it, the clothes make such a colourful addition to the soft worn look of the buildings.








From our visit to Venice in October 2016

12 Replies to “Wash Day In Venice, Italy”

  1. Love these, Lynne! What fabulous colours, which make for brilliant photos. I’ve got to say that pegging the clothes out over a canal is a bit risky, isn’t it? But I’m guessing they do it all the time! 🙂

  2. Glad its not just me. My hubby always laughs at me taking photo’s of washing but there is something quite catching when you see clean linen wafting from balconies.

  3. There are communities here that ban drying clothes outside because they think it looks tacky. I wouldn’t want to live there. This is beautiful. 🙂

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