St Peter’s Church in Upwell, Norfolk, my second favourite church, has some of the most wonderful demons that you can ever hope to see……..they are so scary, if I find them so, what would a medieval parishioner had thought…..hell and damnation.


Happy Halloween 2016









8 Replies to “Demons of Upwell, Norfolk”

  1. Well, extraordinary, I’ve never noted anything as unexpected as these — angels, yes, maybe the odd grotesque peeping out from a corbel or hidden corner — but so many imps and divels, and in such malevolent profusion? Worth a substantial diversion, I would think, just to witness these. So apt for All Saints Day! Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes, wonderfully extraordinary, I love them, we visit a couple of times a year, so I can take photos of the angles, which in themselves are amazing. The whole church is so worth a visit, as the detective writer Dorothy L Sayers lived for twenty years in the area and her detective story The Nine Tailors – featuring the famous upper-class sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey – is set here 🙂

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