Venice is full of small secret shops, there are the normal tourist shops, shops full of leatherwear, but now and again you come across a treasure.  This shop is one of them, there are lots of mask shops, too many really, but we found a couple that were just amazing.  I saw the window of this one, from the other side of the canal when we were out for a walkabout one evening, and I was over the bridge, peering into the window, before husband even noticed I was gone.










Venice October 2016

10 Replies to “The Little Shop Of Masks”

    1. My husband likes shopping online, but I like to go shopping, as we have some lovely little towns and villages where we live, with wonderful little shops……also it means I get to take photos 🙂

  1. I am absolutely loving your photography of late…I have not been onto my own blog for ages…so although not “liking” as much…I like more than ever!!

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