Return of the Night Walker


Just to show you Venice can be peaceful and quiet, this is from another evenings walkabout.  It does give the city a whole different feel, as it must have been centuries before it became the great tourist attraction that it is now.  I know we were tourists, but I really wanted to try and see how it really feels to live in this amazing place.

Venice Italy October 2016


  1. We visited Venice when honeymooning in Garda. The fabled Venice: initially I was severely disappointed. Swarming with tourists (I know, such as we) it was fast and busy, dirty even. If I had left then I would have come away with a negative impression. BUT: we were there still in the evening. The day trippers had left, candles were lit on tables everywhere, orchestras playing in the square. The place was transformed and became quite magical. This was the Venice I had expected, and we lost ourselves in the winding small streets.

  2. Venice looks completely different at night – not as I would have expected at all. I’ve only seen it in the daytime, just a few hours waiting to join a cruise ship. It was loud and crowded. I love your version!

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