I added another photo to my ‘Occupations Category’ when we visited Burano, in the Lagoon north of Venice.  Burano is famous for its lace making, as well as the brightly colour houses.  We visited a lace shop on our visit and I so pleased that there was a lacemaker sitting in the shop……oh I know is for the tourist, but at least I got a photo for my collection.  I was quite interested, because my grandmother’s grandmother made ‘Honiton Lace’, and some found its way on to Queen Victoria’s Wedding Veil, which was all made of it in small sections.   I also have a photo of her, similar to this one, although Jane Cabe, her name, was using bobbins, which were laid out on a pillow.  In fact some of Jane’s lace is in Exeter Museum, which is quite fitting as she lived in Exmouth in Devon, not too far away.

More photos of Burano to follow.

Burano October 2016

5 Replies to “Lacemaker”

  1. Fantastic! I never had the dexterity to do such fine work. I will always be in awe of those who do it. That’s a pretty incredible family story you have. What an honor that must have been.

    1. Yes Jane was quite a lady, she lost two husbands at sea, this is when they were sailing boats and brought up 2 children, one from each husband. She walked to Exeter to see the last woman hanged in the uk for killing her husband, because Jane had lost two and wanted to see a woman who had killed hers. Honiton lace is really pretty, it must have taken hours to make, I doubt if they got paid for the true cost of making it, so yes I think she would have been really proud, apparently she did some lovely work.

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