When we arrived at Burano, one of the islands north of Venice on the Lagoon, we made for the centre of the island to have a look at a few touristy things, lace making and to sample some of the islands biscuits, which were really nice.  We made our way across bridges and enter the main street, not so many people as Venice, but still a little busy.  We visited a lace shop where I took some photos, and then went next door to taste some biscuits and to buy a small bottle of Limoncello, which is a lemon flavoured Italian liqueur, which I love.  We then sat with our tour guide and had a cup of coffee and this time it didn’t cost a fortune, as she choose the cafe for us and being Venetian she knew where to go.  After a lovely black Americano, we were ready to carry on exploring, this time to see the alleys and squares of the brightly colour homes……. to follow.


















12 Replies to “Shopping in Burano”

  1. Oh my.. the lace shop.. what a wonder! It’s so pretty,that lovely piece with sunflowers,the table runners,curtains,and oh the umbrellas…. oh dearie me this post was a delight!!:)

  2. What a gorgeous little place, so colourful. And such beautiful handmade lace. I haven’t tried limoncello liqueur but I absolutely love lemoncello icecream. Wonderful!

    1. Its a lovely place to visit and you should try limoncello, if you like the ice-cream, its nicer when it is home made, some of the restaurants make their own. We have an Italian restaurant near us, where the grandmama makes it, so lovely and fresh 🙂

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