I have posted about wash day on Venice, which in its way was quite beautiful, and the same has to be said for Burano, although I didn’t see any hanging over the canals, maybe these canals are a little wider. The houses are painted much brighter here on the four islands that make Burano, again like Venice, connected by bridges.  Away from the main thoroughfare life is so peaceful and quiet, in the evenings, if you are lucky enough to stay here, the ladies of Burano bring out their chairs and carrying on their lacemaking out in the warm barmy evenings.   It is an enchanting place and almost like a setting for a fairytale….maybe one were you could eat the houses and each one would have a different taste depending on the colour, oh dear thats sounds more like a nightmare…..story telling is not my fortitude, I will leave that to others and just take my photos……more to follow













Island of Burano October 2016

5 Replies to “Drying Day On Burano”

  1. Well,at least we know now that santa clothes are freshly washed. 🙂 a very nice visit into how other people live. I like their colorful houses.

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