Venice October  – I can not resist these wonderful masks, but you have to wear equally beautiful dresses to go with them.  I found a couple in shop windows that would do the trick, but just a little on the expensive side, so photos will have to do.

 If you look at the poster in the bottom photo, you will see that there is a Grand Ball in Venice on the 25th February 2017…..better start saving 🙂




Venice October 2016

12 Replies to “Masquerade Time”

  1. I’ll put in an order for the blue dress with the blue shoes ,not sure of what mask yet.. lol, I maybe first should take a class on how to walk in such a dress.:)) just curious how much does one cost?

    1. Ah you like the blue one, now that one will be one arm and a leg 🙂 …..but in reality they range from about 500 euros upwards, and that I think that would be about 600 to 700 dollars, but then can go up to a couple of thousand euros….. and more 🙂

      1. Well that was quite an expensive shop, I am sure that there is cheaper ones, but not as nice……but I will not be buying one, its a bit like the german dresses for the beer festival, very pretty to look at 🙂

    1. Yes Andy, they would be perfect and what a setting for them. They are amazing and I would love to be there at carnival time, you could get some wonderful photos, maybe one year 🙂

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