Chiesa di San Rocco – Plague Church – Venice

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The one thing I really wanted to do when we visited Venice, Italy, was to photograph as many church interiors as I possibly could.  Well that didn’t happen, I was so disappointed, I didn’t even think that you wouldn’t be able to take photos, in the UK you take as many as you can get into, even in Germany and the USA.  But not in Venice, photography was forbidden, along with eating in the churches, well I can understand the eating part.  Although most of the smaller interesting ones were locked and are never open, along with a lot of the larger ones, just not enough money to keep them open.  Most of the larger ones that are open, you had to pay to visit, thats ok, but there were no booklets that you could buy to remind you of the beautiful interiors, so after a while all the churches begin to merge into one………and then I found one.

 I had nearly given up, thinking thats it, you are not going to get a Venetian church.  It was getting late and with tried feet the other half suggested that we had a look inside a church, for him to have a rest while I looked.  I walked through the door looking for the sign, second nature by then, stopped dead in my tracks, a sign with camera with the flash crossed out, but the one with out a flash, had a tick….. I was in like a shot, I think the other half sat down.  I was so happy, there was no one watching you, or asking for money, it was a pleasure to photograph this amazing building.


The Church of Saint Roch is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to St Roch and is also a Plague Church, five were built in Venice as symbols of thanks for the city’s deliverance from significant outbreaks of the plague. Built between 1449 and 1508 and altered in 1725 and the facade dates from 1765 & 1771.


The interior was quite dark and there were a few people around, but not as many as in the more famous churches, which was quite nice for taking photos.  I was just so happy that at least, in one church, I could do what I really come to Venice to do, and that was to record some of her beautiful churches.








Venice October 2016

10 Replies to “Chiesa di San Rocco – Plague Church – Venice”

      1. I love churches too. I can imagine that the Venetian ones were exquisite. I dont understand why these places dont allow photography.

      2. I am guessing its because a lot of people are there praying , I normally keep away from them, so sometimes my photos are not quite how I would like. Normally at home I am the only person in a church, so I can take photos where ever I want 🙂

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