Chiesa San Giacomo di Rialto – Venice, Italy


Although I couldn’t get to photograph most of the interiors of the churches I visited in Venice, I did take some exteriors, which are just as interesting.  I also didn’t get to visit a lot that were open, mainly due to time, you need at least a couple of weeks to do them justice…….but then I would just get frustrated because I can’t take photos.  I have been researching each church that I did photograph and in away, its almost like visiting, with the wonderful sites that you can now find on the web.


Chiesa San Giacomo di Rialto- This church is said to be the oldest church in Venice, an inscription on the left-hand pillar in the chancel says 421.  Although nothing ancient remains, the current church dates from 1071-84.  Luckily the church survived a fire in 1514, which unfortunately destroyed most of the market place that the church is situated in.  The large wooden clock, which I love, was added in 1410, this was restored in 1749.  The church is affectionally know as the ‘Market Church’ and has altars dedicated to various guilds of merchants and craftsmen.

Venice October 2016


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