What I found amazing about walking around Venice, was not all the famous sites, but the little ones that get missed.  Take this archway, you walk through this into an alley, there are many of these cut throughs, I am not sure if they were once door ways to homes, that are no longer there.  Venice had is fair share of earthquakes so it is possible that this medieval or even earlier stone could have been an entrance to somewhere, other than just into an alleyway.  The sad thing is there is so much graffiti around, not the nice type, just useless scrawl, not only in Venice, but every major city we went through, train stations are particularly bad.  Still it did not take away the beauty of the carving.

Venice October 2016

13 Replies to “A Glimpse into the Past”

  1. Sometimes you have to look past things like graffiti. We have a village near us that is well-known for huge rocks that run through a river, with a quarry nearby. After hearing about it for years, I took my kids there to see and I was shocked at all the graffiti on the rocks. It took away from the experience, but we did our best to look past it.

    1. That “looking past it” is so hard because it’s not just a semi-permanent blot on genuine art or craft but also because it’s so disrespective, usually in an unthinking way.

      Tagging’s been compared to dogs pissing on lampposts; surely though we’re better than our base natures? But that urge to make one’s mark is no different, I suppose, than the megalomaniacal tendency to raise bigger, taller and uglier skyscrapers in our built environment.

      Sorry, now I’ve depressed myself, and maybe everyone else too!

      1. No, its just something that we have to live with, its a shame they do it and its a shame they build ugly skyscrapers, but they do built some nice ones……I suppose you’ re not a Shard lover ha ha, sorry but I refuse to be depressed, I have spent all day at work being depressed 🙂 🙂

      2. No, I think the Shard is elegant, and in its own way a triumph. But others, like the Walkie-Talkie, seem to lack any aesthetic quality. As for being depressed, like you I prefer to be positive rather than be down for long.

      3. Good I’m glad to hear you think the Shard is elegant, so do I. Well, the Walkie-Talkie is in a league of its own 🙂 I’m sure we all get depressed, its just how we all deal with it…..me, I only give it a few minutes, today was lots of batches of a few minutes ha ha 🙂

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