Santa Maria della Salute, Plague Basilica, Venice

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There is one church in Venice, which symbolises the city, one scene in a film or a famous painting and you know instantly that it is Venice.  The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute or just simply the ‘Salute’, was built at the entrance to the Grand Canal, this 17th-century baroque domed minor basilica was commissioned by Venice’s plague survivors as thanks for salvation.  I didn’t get to visit, but for me the exterior is an absolute joy to photograph……I doubt that you can take photos of the interior, anyway we just ran out of time.


Built in 1630, after 46,000 and possibly more Venetians had been killed by yet another plague, brought in by a carpenter working on Venice’s quarantine island, the Lazzaretto Vecchio.  As you walk around the city, you will see plaques that tell you where the plague stopped, some have a painting of the Madonna and some have small statues.  The photos were taken on different days, times and places, but always the domes commanding the skyline.












Venice October 2016

8 Replies to “Santa Maria della Salute, Plague Basilica, Venice”

    1. Its a wonderful building, but when you see it against St Marks, you can see why they call it a minor…still have St Marks to post. Although in truth they are two totally different types of buildings 🙂

  1. Can’t imagine what it would be like to be in a plague that that many died in! I think your right on the no pictures,for I googled the church to see if there was a website that would have posted pictures of the inside… the only place that had an inside picture was Wikipedia. Then only one of the high alter.

    1. I know, it must have been awful, and to think it was all through just one person bringing it to the Island. Yes I could only find the alter photo. Its a shame because not everyone is going to visit, ha ha me included, we just ran out of time, but it seems so unfair that we can’t get to see what it really looks like, but it would have to be really special to beat the outside 🙂

      1. You would think that they would allow some pictures to encourage people to come visit. The outside would be hard to beat!

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