One of things I did ask our guide when we were in Venice, concerned the huge chimney pots that filled the skyline of the city…..her answer, to stop the sparks from spreading and causing fires.  Yes of course, houses so close together, fire would spread so quickly.  I believe there were great fires in the past “The Great Fire” of 1105, “The Rialto Fire” of 1514, “The Arsenale Fire” of 1569 were all monumental, widespread fires that each destroyed a large area of Venice.  So hopefully these chimney pots go along way to help stop fires, although the buildings now no longer have straw roofs…which does help.



Venice October 2016

8 Replies to “The Pots of Venice”

    1. I would think it would be coal more than wood, I guess it would come in by a coal barge….we have our coal or coke delivered on the back of a lorry….although this year we had two huge trees felled that needed to be, and cut up, should keep us going for the next 5 years.

      1. Oh yes, if we had lots a trees we would use them, although we really only use them for our log burner now. When we first moved in the whole of the heating and water was by a big log / coal stove, but not so good when you leave the house every day for work…..it goes out if your not very good at keeping it alight….so now we have electric central heating, no gas out in the woods here and the stove just to keep us cosy in the winter 🙂

      2. I hear ya on the not so good to have a stove when you work away! I’m home most of the time and if I’m not then my daughter is because of caring for Leona. So a stove is a nice thing for us.

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