One of the many churches that line the Lagoon in Venice and one I didn’t get to visit, The church of Santa Maria Assunta, known as I Gesuiti. The original church of Santa Maria Assunta had stood here since 1155, being built, along with an attached monastery and hospital.  Having been rebuilt after fires in 1214 and 1514 it was acquired by the Jesuits in 1657, hence the name Gesuiti, Jesuit in Italian.  This Baroque church is deemed to be very beautiful and its a shame that we didn’t have time to visit, but I doubt you were allow to take photos, although I have found a lot on the web, so maybe you can.

Venice October 2016

6 Replies to “I Gesuiti, Venice, Italy”

  1. Wow! I just looked it up. You definitely do not want to miss this next time. Now there’s an excellent reason to go back. 🙂

    1. I know, it is rather special, we will have to go back, that was so much we didn’t see, although you wouldn’t think so from all my posts and still more to come 🙂

    1. Yes its one to visit if we go again, its a shame we missed it. I think the yellow building is a restaurant and also people waiting for the water bus, which we were on 🙂

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