When we were in Venice, we hired two guides on different days.  The second guide, did her very best, but when the heavens open and St Marks Square floods, what do you do, eat and drink is the answer.  Included in our tour was a visit to a local eatery for a taste of the local food and wine.  As the weather was so very bad we did spend quite a time tasting both, while getting warm and drying off.  This was not actually lunch, it was a little earlier and a time when the locals have a glass of wine and bite to eat…..but not lunch, our guide kept bringing us samples to taste, which were not on the small size and each one was delicious.  We could have spent the rest of the day there, but as we had paid for a tour, we were going to get one, so out into the rain once more we ventured.

The below photo, which I found in the cafe, is the Rialto Bridge, possible in the early 1900’s, it hasn’t change much, there are still shops on the bridge.  We did walk over it, but it was impossible to take photos, far too many people and also they are carrying out repairs.  You can’t really see the work being carried out as they use screens to cover them, which you can see on my photos, I only hope that they take down the advertisement board when they have finished.




Venice October 2016

4 Replies to “Eating – Venice Style”

  1. Oh, my, time for supper. Won’t be anything as wonderful as this! Great pictures, that is a beautiful bridge without the ad. 🙂

    1. Ha ha….. it was all very tasty, I should have taken a photo of each plate of food the guide gave us, but it was off the plate before I even thought about it LOL 🙂

    1. It was very yummy 🙂 Yes it was a shame about the poster, but I suppose they paid a lot of money for the ad to be there, but it’s a shame there wasn’t a more tasteful one 🙂

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