Treading the Boards, Venice, Italy

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On our last day in Venice, the heavens opened, there was also an exceptional high tide, so there was some flooding.  It was quite interesting, as it was something I had only seen on the media and I did wonder about the boards that were put out for walking on.  We did have go, but it was a little scary as they are quite high and people did push past you, I should think if you fell off it could hurt a bit.  Once we left the square the flooding subsided and we just had to deal with large puddles.  The flooding gets a lot worse than we experienced and until they work how to stop it, the city will continue to flood causing untold damage to the buildings.





Venice October 2016

12 Replies to “Treading the Boards, Venice, Italy”

  1. Wow! I’ve heard it has been getting worse. Did you happen to hear anything about ideas they might have. Sad to think we could lose Venice.

    1. Yes they are working on something, which I think started 15 years ago, but it takes time and money……although it shouldn’t, but thats easy for me to say. I think its going to be something like the Thames Barrier, you might have to google that, to keep the high tides back…..which is what the barrier does for London, otherwise it would flood on high tides. The houses have pumps in their basements that kick in when the water starts to come in and you can see the water being pumped out through pipes, which you can see from the canals. It can be saved, but it all costs money, which is such a shame…….they need to win the lottery, hope someone on the committee buys one 🙂 The big lottery here in the UK give a lot of funds to saving buildings etc, but I’m not sure if they have the same in Italy.

      1. Yes, something like the Thames Barrier might work there. It will have to be a much larger operation. It looks like there are three places where the lagoon is open to the sea. And then there’s the shipping. A lot of lines are using Venice and I’m sure the city doesn’t want to discourage them. But if I read right, the closures on the Thames don’t happen that often. So maybe shipping wouldn’t be inconvenienced that much.

      2. Yes the barrier only comes down when there is going to be a really high tide, I can only remember a few times they have had to do it, quite a sight to see when they do. Last year our guide told us there were only three bad floods, none in the summer, so thats when the liners really visit, although saying that, there were two when we were there.

      3. Well thats the answer then…..just got to find the money, but they do have to do something soon. I didn’t realise that you visit the Thames Barrier…..and have a cup of tea……think I will put that on the to do list and Steve would like that 🙂

    1. Yes I remember your post, I think the flooding on your visit was far worse than ours, also we were lucky that in the four days we were there, the other days were beautiful. They are working on something, but it all takes time and money, but I wish they would step it up though 🙂

  2. At first I thought it was youngsters walking on tables! 🙂 It does look treacherous trying to walk on those boards! I think I’d take my chances on solid ground, no matter how wet. 🙂

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