We have return from our whirlwind trip to Scotland, bringing back with me the worst of colds…..in truth, I did take a sore throat with me.   Hopefully it will be gone by Christmas Day.  Sad to say we saw no snow, and we did go as far as Inverness, stopping a Ben Nevis Whisky Distillery at Fort William on the way, but no snow on Ben Nevis, in fact the weather was very mild.  I did take some photos, but I haven’t down loaded them yet, so I found some photos of rocking horses that I took last Christmas.  As every child wanted one, as a present in years gone past, I thought it was a fitting subject for my Christmas posts 🙂




12 Replies to “Rocking Heads”

      1. I could send you some, we’ve had a couple good storms since the first of the month. But that wouldn’t be much fun for you. 🙂

      2. Thats very thoughtful of you 🙂 but I really only wanted to take it from afar…. they are saying we will get some over Christmas, will just have to make sure we don’t blink and miss it. I’m guessing that you are use to it and make plans for it……anything like that and the whole of the UK comes to a grinding halt…….we have had some bad storms, but only once and while, thank goodness, because we really cannot cope with too much…..we are warm and wet weather softies really 🙂

      3. Ah, yes, we have fleets of snow plows that go out and clear the roads for us. Clearing the drive and walk ways is the painful part. 🙂

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