Well I think today was the first day that we spent the entire day in fog, here in the Fens, very dense fog, not good for taking photos outdoors.  So I though, ok, good chance to go and take photos of my favourite church dressed for Christmas, husband agreed to take me, very slowly because of the fog…… no not really, he can see in the fog….not sure how.  We got to the church, thats strange lots of cars……I wonder why, soon I realised, they were dressing the church, now it takes all day, big church, lots of flowers.  I was beginning to feel a bit down, still have a rotten cold, really needed to feel Christmassy.  Husband said, have you got everything you need from the garden centre….. it was like a light bulb lit up in my poor cottonwool head……. turn the garden centre into a photo shot and just ignore all the people who will think you are totally insane and enjoy it, nice and warm, but best of all, no fog.  Hoping I have captured that Christmas feeling in ‘The Garden Centre’ 🙂














Christmas 2016

8 Replies to “Christmas in ‘The Garden Centre’”

  1. Great idea! Wonderful photos. I especially like the musicians. Wouldn’t they look nice in the living room? Of course it would have to be a much bigger house than mine. 🙂 Sorry to hear that cold is hanging on. Hope you can get rid of it soon.

    1. Thank you Pat, it did put me more in the mood, ha ha I was trying to be a bit more artistic. I’ve had the cold for a week now, but it doesn’t seem to want to sift, still it has a week to go. With a bit of luck I will visit the church Christmas Eve, in the afternoon and take some photos then. We are going to Kent tomorrow to see Fleur and the children, and hopefully the fog will have lifted 🙂

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